Inspiring the Next Generation with Space Mission-Related Games and STEM Programs

We formed Xtronaut Enterprise to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and citizen scientists through space mission-related games and education programs. We were founded by the leader of the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission (launched in September 2016, to an asteroid named Bennu), and by a leader in the space tourism sector (organizing team for first tourist flights on the Soyuz Rocket to the ISS). Space missions, including robotic missions, are about exploration — but who are the explorers in a robotic mission — and what do we call these people? There was no term, so we coined name “XTRONAUT®“. We encourage interest in space exploration and all types of STEM-related studies by expanding the notion of who is an explorer in today’s world of robotic missions — to include all the people involved in exploration — scientists, engineers, educators, students, and the public as a whole — not just the few fortunate enough to climb into a rocket. This expanded idea of these explorers — Xtronauts — includes the group that designs components and instruments, develops the software, launches the rockets, operates the vehicles, performs experiments, manages the programs, conducts research, participates in the related science, or simply appreciates the beauty of the universe revealed by the probes. Kids become explorers by learning about science and technology! Play our game and become an Xtronaut! Picture: Dante, Mike, and Mike’s son Joshua at Maven Launch at the Cape.

Learn Why XTRONAUT Was Founded

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University of Arizona Video Promotes Xtronaut Featuring Xtronaut Co-Founders

How was the XTRONAUT® Game Developed

Dante Lauretta led the creation of Xtronaut by combining two of his passions in life – solar system exploration and strategy gaming. He is now a Professor at the University of Arizona and the leader of the NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission, launched in 2016. We wanted to make a game that captures the various challenges and fun of planning a space mission. Together with Mike Lyon, and many of our fellow rocket scientists and engineers, who are also huge board game fans, we created a game that is grounded in the real world of NASA missions. The result is an exciting game that combines real rocket science with mission planning, strategy, politics, and interactive play. We invite you to join us on this great cosmic adventure – buy the XTRONAUT® game and begin your journey!