The program includes  five engaging modules each with a hands-on component. Each module features a specific focus and includes back-ground information, links to related videos, activities, worksheets, and a challenge. Kit components include everything you need to perform experiments and challenges except those items that can be found at home or school. from a local store. For grades 6-12.

Professor Lauretta with XTRONAUTS from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Phoenix

Program Contents

XTRONAUT® Program Guide,

XTRONAUT®: The Game of Solar System Exploration

Meteorite Kit (Carrying case, Rocks for identification that include 1 real meteorite, Earth rocks, Magnet, Magnifying glass, Mini-Microscope, Identification chart)

Loop-de-Loop (2-Ringstands, 1- 1/2″ Steel Ball, 1- Glass Marble, 62″ of Tubing, 1-Tape Measure, 1-Pre-assembled Orbit Stand, 2-3 Pronged Clamps)

Build a Comet (1-Pair of Goggles, 2-Pairs of Gloves, 1-Kitchen Trash Bag, 1-Bag of Sand (.5lb), 2 OZ Ammonia, 3-Soy Sauce Packets, 1-10″ Stirring Rod)

Students learn the physics of planetary orbits by performing the loop-de-loop experiment.