Delivering Solar System Space Missions


Xtronaut Beyond develops and manages Solar System space missions of discovery working with our global customers. We harness the lower costs generated by space commercialization to work with our customers to plan and manage scientific space missions of exploration across the Solar System – Venus, Moon, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt – and Beyond.

Missions are delivered for a fraction of the cost required for traditional national space programs, such as NASA missions – making this incredible world of Solar System Exploration available to sovereign space programs around-the-world!

Xtronaut is led by Dr. Dante Lauretta, the leader of the NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission, with 15 years experience developing and leading this $1 billion NASA mission utilizing over 500 staff, the vast resources at the University of Arizona’s space program, and numerous partner companies. 

We can provide the level of Mission Development and Management you seek: Developing the key questions for the mission – Why are we Going – What can we Learn – How do we accomplish those objectives -- and then build a mission around these goals – sourcing the instruments, spacecraft, launch vehicles, strategic partners, scientists, and team. 

We have the proven experience – leading a major space mission developed from the  

Xtronaut: The Space Mission Development and Management Partner


Xtronaut will work with your team to deliver a turnkey space mission program, leading where necessary, but helping to develop a local team that can lead more and more of the mission -- and future missions.

  • Scientific and Mission Objective Formulation
  • Mission Development Management
  • Instrument Development and Fabrication ¡Spacecraft Identification and Placement
  • Ground Systems and Operations
  • Flight Management and Engineering
  • Post-Mission Scientific Analysis 

We will work closely with your scientists, engineers, and students to provide for your maximum participation in the mission, and resulting knowledge and technology transfer.